What is my HP laptop model number?

Hey, What is HP Laptop Model Number? We all have this same question in our mind many times. I know that its funny most of us don’t know what model we are using as the laptop. I mean yes we should know that thing but there are lots of things we have to remember so we forget what model we are using.

Sometimes we misunderstand brand by model. It means we sometimes think that if someone asks us what model we have then we told them we have HP Laptop. This is wrong because HP is a brand and model is the product name of that HP like HP Notebook 15-ay421 or HP Pavalion 23791e.

This is an exact model number and these models are of HP Brand.

NOTE:= here model doesn’t mean Brand(HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Toshiba etc).

So to find your laptop model follow these steps:-

1. Press Windows + R

Model Number

2. Now in that tab fill msinfo32.

Then a new tab will open where you can see your system details.

HP Laptop Helpline Number

So this are simple steps you can use to know your laptop model.

HP Laptop Helpline